Raising Curly Girls

Welcome to Raising Curly Girls! A page dedicated to capturing our curl-ventures.

I started this page because I really do love reading blogs 📚. I always find inspiration and community and am often inspired to try new things too, fun recipes, crafts with my kids. More recently, learning to love the hair I’m in.

This hair journey has been wonderful, I never expected that in it I’d bond with my eldest daughter in a new and special way. Teaching her how to love her natural hair.

Here’ you’ll find all our curly adventures, lessons, and of course tips and advice for all our curly friends.

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Here’s to raising courageous, confident, curly kids!

Learning to love the hair I’m in

Lessons with my curly girls

The natural queen’s guide book

A collection of tutorials and guides, carefully curated with expert advice and personal experiences- all to help you in your natural hair journey. 

About Me

Hi, I’m Steph

A mom of 2 gorgeous curly girls and wife to the most incredible human. We’re just living our best lives in the heart of Johannesburg, South Africa. 

By day I’m a social media manager and well by night I’m still a a social media manager and blogger- haha! Guess I really DO love what I do….. 

I’ve worked in social media for the last 6 years, prior to that I was a preschool teacher- would you have guessed if you didn’t know me? 

I love connecting and making new friends. In learning to love my natural hair I’ve found new passion in sharing everything I learn with those around me. 

I hope you find inspiration here. 




Tame these tresses? Oh no honey, they were never meant to be tamed. Only loved.

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